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New Marijuana Marketplace for Southern California MMJ Patients, Jobs, Growers & Businesses

Do you live in Southern California and love cannabis? Be sure to check out! New online cannabis marketplace just for Southern California.

Marijuana SoCal Dispensary Map

Visit for the latest cannabis news & legalization updates for Southern California. Community-based information exchange and marketplace for marijuana enthusiasts and businesses. Local Marijuana Classifieds for Southern California | Find Cannabis Jobs & Careers in SoCal | Search for Local Southern California MMJ dispensaries & delivery services for Funny Marijuana Memes

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New Cannabis Grow Supplies Superstore Opens at

A new online “superstore” for cannabis grow equipment & supplies has launched at From their Press Release:

Pot Farmers Mart is proud to announce the launch of our new online cannabis grow equipment & supplies superstore at The ecommerce platform will aggregate a wide selection of legal cannabis growing equipment and supplies from all the top name brand suppliers in one simple to use state-of-the art website.

With more states legalizing marijuana, the number of people wanting to legally grow their own cannabis is likely to increase exponentially. The market for marijuana growing instructions and supplies will grow accordingly. It looks like Pot Farmers Mart is looking to become a major player in the cannabis growing supply marketplace.


Pot Farmers Mart Shop Grow Supplies

Are Georgia’s New Medical Marijuana Laws Too Restrictive?

Georgia’s new medical marijuana law allows possession of “low THC oil” for very limited set of medical conditions.

What medical conditions are covered under Georgia’s new medical marijuana law HB1, Haleigh’s Hope Act?

It is being hailed as providing relief to Georgia’s medical refugees and allowing them to come home to Georgia.

And indeed, the law says these patients can now legally possess the “low THC oil”. However, what it doesn’t allow is the production or sale of the said “low THC oil”. 

These patients are left with having to smuggle it into Georgia from a state that does allow production and sale along with possession.

So does Georgia’s medical marijuana law really provide the necessary relief for patients in pain? Or was it just a headline grabbing measure by politicians and opponents that doesn’t actually do what advocates hoped legalization would do for Georgia’s medical marijuana patients. had a recent article that posed this question in a poll. Take a second and go vote in the Georgia Medical Marijuana Poll!  - Georgia Marijuana News & Info

Marijuana Bud Trimming Beginner’s Guide For Novice Bud Trimmers

Marijuana bud trimming is what would be considered an “entry-level” position in the new fast growing legal marijuana industry. Paying between $12 to $15 an hour, the work can be tedious at time but offers a more relaxed working environment for many.

Others are using bud trimming as a way to move up in the marijuana industry. Cannabis bud trimmers can move up to being marijuana gardeners or cannabis extract makers. These positions generally pay between $50,000 to $90,000 a year.

Learn how to become a marijuana bud trimmer

Although the work appears simple, there is a certain art to bud trimming to ensure a high quality marijuana product.  Even with the proliferation of bud trimming machines, the high end marijuana buds will always be done by hand to preserve the cannabis bud’s integrity.

There are many how to guides on marijuana bud trimming. Once the basic steps of bud trimming are learned, it’s just matter of experience to become a master bud trimmer!

GW Pharmaceuticals Initiates First Phase 3 Pivotal Trial for Epidiolex in Dravet Syndrome

GW Pharmaceuticals has issued a press release on the status of it’s medical marijuana based drug Epidiolex which is used to treat a rare form of childhood epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome.

The GWPH is one of the leaders in the research and development of marijuana based drugs to treat illnesses. GW Pharmaceuticals has already received approval from Europe for its drug Sativex, which is used to treat spasms related to MS.

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GW Pharmaceuticals Press Release is noted below:


March 31, 2015

GW Pharmaceuticals Initiates First Phase 3 Pivotal Trial for Epidiolex in Dravet Syndrome

LONDON, March 31, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GW Pharmaceuticals plc (Nasdaq:GWPH) (AIM:GWP) (“GW,” “the Company” or “the Group”), a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapeutics from its proprietary cannabinoid product platform, announces it has initiated the Phase 3 part of a Phase 2/3 clinical trial of Epidiolex® (cannabidiol or CBD) for the treatment of Dravet syndrome, a rare and catastrophic treatment-resistant form of childhood epilepsy. GW anticipates that top-line data from this trial will be available around the end of 2015.

“Dravet syndrome is a rare and catastrophic form of pediatric epilepsy in which there is a substantial unmet need and for which there are no specifically approved medicines in the United States,” stated Orrin Devinsky MD, Professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine, and Principal Investigator of the trial. “This Phase 3 clinical trial of Epidiolex in Dravet syndrome is the first ever rigorous placebo-controlled trial of pure pharmaceutical cannabidiol (CBD) in the field of epilepsy and, as such, a trial of significant interest for the entire epilepsy physician and patient communities.”

“GW is dedicated to developing Epidiolex for Dravet syndrome as rapidly as possible. As such, the start of the first Dravet syndrome Phase 3 trial is a significant milestone for our Company and we are on track to start the second Phase 3 trial very shortly,” stated Justin Gover, GW’s Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to working with epilepsy physicians across the United States to execute this program with the objective of submitting a New Drug Application for Epidiolex to the FDA in mid-2016.”

The Phase 3 trial is the second part of a two-part randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel group safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetic and efficacy trial of Epidiolex to treat Dravet syndrome in children who are being treated with other anti-epileptic drugs. Part one completed in February 2015 and comprised the pharmacokinetic and dose-finding elements of the trial in a total of 34 patients over a three week treatment period. The dose for part two has been determined as 20mg/kg by a Data Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC) after assessment of the part one safety and pharmacokinetic data.

Part two is a 14-week comparison of Epidiolex versus placebo in a total of 100 patients to assess the safety and efficacy as an adjunctive antiepileptic treatment. The primary measure of this trial will be the percentage change from baseline in convulsive seizure frequency during the maintenance period of the study in patients taking Epidiolex versus placebo. Several additional efficacy and safety secondary outcome measures will be analysed. Part two will recruit an entirely new group of patients who did not participate in part one. Following their participation in the study, all patients are eligible to receive Epidiolex under a long term open label extension study.

GW anticipates commencing the second pivotal Phase 3 trial in Dravet syndrome soon after this first trial, which will run in parallel with this Phase 2/3 trial. The Company also expects to commence two Phase 3 clinical trials in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome early in the second quarter of 2015. These additional pivotal trials are all expected to complete recruitment in 2015.

To obtain information about this clinical trial or eligibility criteria, the treating physician should

About GW Pharmaceuticals plc

Founded in 1998, GW is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapeutics from its proprietary cannabinoid product platform in a broad range of disease areas. GW commercialized the world’s first plant-derived cannabinoid prescription drug, Sativex®, which is approved for the treatment of spasticity due to multiple sclerosis in 27 countries outside the United States. GW is advancing an orphan drug program in the field of childhood epilepsy with a focus on Epidiolex ®, which is in Phase 3 clinical development for the treatment of Dravet syndrome and which is also expected to enter Phase 3 clinical trials in the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. GW has a deep pipeline of additional cannabinoid product candidates which includes Sativex in Phase 3 clinical development as a potential treatment of pain associated with advanced cancer, as well as compounds in Phase 1 and 2 trials for glioma, ulcerative colitis, type 2 diabetes, and schizophrenia. For further information, please visit

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