Are Georgia’s New Medical Marijuana Laws Too Restrictive?

Georgia’s new medical marijuana law allows possession of “low THC oil” for very limited set of medical conditions.

What medical conditions are covered under Georgia’s new medical marijuana law HB1, Haleigh’s Hope Act?

It is being hailed as providing relief to Georgia’s medical refugees and allowing them to come home to Georgia.

And indeed, the law says these patients can now legally possess the “low THC oil”. However, what it doesn’t allow is the production or sale of the said “low THC oil”. 

These patients are left with having to smuggle it into Georgia from a state that does allow production and sale along with possession.

So does Georgia’s medical marijuana law really provide the necessary relief for patients in pain? Or was it just a headline grabbing measure by politicians and opponents that doesn’t actually do what advocates hoped legalization would do for Georgia’s medical marijuana patients. had a recent article that posed this question in a poll. Take a second and go vote in the Georgia Medical Marijuana Poll!  - Georgia Marijuana News & Info


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